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The Story So Far

March 12, 2009

First of all, we would like to thanks Kevin Korpela for coming up with the Buy Local Central Wisconsin tagline:  Community, creativity, connections, stewardship and economy.

So why would anyone want to promote the charms of our nice little burgh, you might be asking at this point. Well, it is more that local pride, because for most of us, being a “local” is pretty much a happy accident.  Either we were born here (over which we had no control) or a series of circumstances, many of which may have been beyond our control plunked us down here.

Central Wisconsin is actually a pretty nice place, being all full of arts, entertainment, great schools and so on, but what really makes it special, I really want to stress, is the fact that it is HERE. And HERE we are.

Think about when you travel, do you want to see the strip malls and the fast food joints?  I hope not, you can see those anywhere.  You want to experience that place.  At the seashore you want to eat fresh fish, in the mountains you want to hike the rugged trails in Rome you want to see the Coliseum.  You want to experience what is unique to the place.

And that really sums up our fascination with all things local, something different — yes unique.  Is Sam’s Pizza the best in the world?  Well, I don’t know, but I do know you can’t get it anywhere else.  And even if something were to taste something like it, would it have the same atmoshere?  Of course not — how could it?

Sam’s or Red Eye or Angelo’s or you name it, is just as unique and wonderful in their own way to any pizzaria in Naples or Chicago.  And there is a super special bonus.  They are right here.  No plane fares required.

Not only will you have a unique experience shopping locally, but you will feel good twice.  Yes, you will get a great product, service or meal.  And you also get to meet and help out your friends and neighbors.

Bill McKibben reports that people shopping in a farmers market engage in 10 times more conversations than those shopping in a supermarket.  Ten times.  Sounds a lot more fun than silently pushing a cart around.

I don’t know if a similar study has been down for small versus big stores, but surely the effect is the same.  Talk much in Target?  Now, go into a local shoe store and ask the person working about one kind of a shoe versus another.  You’ll learn things about shoes that you had no idea existed.  And maybe make a friend in the process.

And when the money stays local, the profits are not skimmed off by folks in New York or Shanghai.  Just goes down the street.  When usually it goes to another local business or maybe a local bank — not to buy fancy derivitives, but to make a home improvement loan for your neighbor.

This is a great community.  Big enough to have many conveniences, art and entertainment but small enough to almost no commute times and friendly people.  But mostly it is HERE.  Full of people, places, businesses and organizations that don’t exist anywhere else in the world.

All right here and waiting for you to join in the fun.

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