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Food with a Face

March 18, 2009

Somewhere along the line, animal rights activists decided that people shouldn’t eat any “food with a face,” which as they mean it, I don’t have too much quarrel with.  But when it comes to thinking locally, you should definitely know the face behind your food.

When it comes to food, economies of scale definitely has its limits.  Do we really want veggies from China or other countries where environmental and food safety regulations are, to say the least, lax?

Can food really be considered “fresh” when it has been shipped and trucked halfway around the world?

Buying food as locally as possible not only makes good economic sense, by putting money in your neighbors pocket, who can then put it back in yours, but culinary sense as well.

Any great chef will tell you that the quality of the ingredients is the most important factor in turning out a fantastic meal.  The way to get the best ingredients is by knowing the people who grow or sell or prepare your food.

Pretty soon the farmers market will be in full swing and you can talk to the people who grow our food.

In the meantime you ask your produce manager where that broccoli came from and why in the world they build greenhouses in Mexico and grow rhubarb in Florida.  Rhubarb from Florida?

Local food needs a lot fewer inputs (think transportation costs to start with) than the factory farmed stuff from around the world, so more of your food dollar goes to the actual farmer.  And it seems to me that actual farming is something we want to encourage.

Vote with your dollars for local food!

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