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Mikey’s Red Hots

March 26, 2009

dsc_0007With its 50’s decor and tiny wood framed building, Mikey’s screams “local” that is if you consider the south side of Chicago to be local.

OK, much of the food may be Chicago inspired, but I still consider Mikey’s to be 100% Wisconsin.  The food is obviously prepared by hand, and there are menu items there I am pretty sure exist no where else.  Like the sandwich I had there a few weeks back — Italian sausage covered in Italian beef covered in all the trimmings.  Yes, you read that right — meat on meat.  Or as Mae West would have put it, “When I am good, I am good, but when I am bad, I am better.”

Part of Mikey’s charm is their uneatable sandwiches.  Not in edible, mind you, uneatable.  There is so much wonderful stuff piled on them the bread pretty much can’t hold it all.  Make sure you get extra napkins — and a fork — and maybe even a fire hose.

Throw in their skin on french fries in a bag, sodas bottled by a local place south of here (don’t look for fancy labels on those, just enjoy) and that 50’s decor and you have an eating experience that will appeal to kids of all ages.

You can find Mikey’s on Schofield Avenue down in Schofield (on the corner of Keck Avenue).  Or you can call in your order at 715/359-7840.  You can call it in as a to go order, but when you get there you’ll want to sit a spell and take the atmosphere.

Oh and bring your kids or grandkids too.

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  1. April 15, 2009 9:23 am

    It’s one of our family favorites. Make sure you get the French Fries, they are fabulous!

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